04 February 2011


There has been a substantial buzz about the construction in Fantasyland as of late. Revamped plans, tantalizing tidbits about upcoming attractions and new interactive queues have dominated the conversation, but the appearance of a lonely cart in the heart of Fantasyland has also perked a few enquiring eyes. Turns out that the wagon belongs to crazy old Maurice who has been at it again, crafting another invention and being considerably ahead of his time.

The cart, which bears a remarkable resemblance to his wood chopping creation from the film, Beauty and the Beast, currently resides near the refurbishment wall that features concept art of the upcoming Fantasyland attractions. This new buggy has clearly been built with a single idea in mind, to pop the perfect kernel. The bushels of unshucked corn are our first clue, but the three gauges also offer some insight as they measure the three prime ingredients for perfectly popped popcorn, beurre (butter), saveur (flavor) and temperature.

While it serves up snacks in addition to the crunchy, buttery goodness known as popcorn, I would imagine the imagery of this cart alone will cause mouths to water and crave their own carton of the golden kernels. I would also suspect that once the Beauty and the Beast section of Fantasyland is complete, guests will find that Maurice and his new-fangled cart have moseyed on down the road to more familiar surroundings.

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Disneyana World said...

i walk past this all the time and always knew something was off about it.

it all makes sense now.