07 November 2010

Disney This Week - 7 November 2010

The Walt Disney Family Museum has a new blog, Storyboard, where this week Lynn Zook surveys early Disneyland attraction/faux travel posters.

Jungle is “101” skipper, Mike, spins a tale about a solo journey through the Jungle Cruise at night at is sure to make your heart ache.

AJ shares one of the most adorable food images I have ever seen with The Disney Food Blog readers.

On Disney Every Day, Amanda Tinney highlights some Snow White art that you can really sink your teeth into.

Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream has reopened and includes some fantastic pieces from Disney history. Thomas Smith showcases the original Abraham Lincoln Audio-Animatronics at the Disney Parks Blog.

Studios Central looks at the effects of a limited Fantasmic! schedule in an article by Matt Hochberg.

Suzannah DiMarzio dives into the VIP lounge in The Living Seas on ZannaLand.

Shawn Slater does a terrific job drawing attention to elements of Nature’s Wonderland that can still be found in Disneyland’s Frontierland at DisneyShawn.

Kevin Kidney spotlights Jody Daily’s painting of a Mr. Toad car descending into Hell and the inspiration behind the attraction’s peculiar finale.

Jeff Shain explores four decades of PGA Tour golf events at Walt Disney World on The Daily Disney.

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Matt said...

Thanks for the link love and for helping to spread the word about the ill effects of Fantasmic