01 November 2010

Create the habit

There are issues away from Walt Disney World that touch me personally and push me to strive to make the world a better, safer place for all of the earth’s passengers. With the untimely passing of my aunt a few years back, one such objective became perfectly clear, the more we use our seatbelts the less everyone on the road could be injured. This is not a new problem, or a new concept, but it is an issue whose time has come. Apparently, Disney, General Motors, and Safe Kids USA all agree.Throughout the Test Track post show exhibit known as Inside Track, there is an emphasis on improved automotive technologies, current model showcases, and safety. The latter of these is muted, but it is nevertheless there, and in some surprising fashions. For my part I picked up this free postcard to add to my collection because I love the concept feel of it, not just of the car itself, but the grittiness of the entire card. It wasn’t until I returned home that I turned the postcard over and read the back.Safe Kids Buckle Up began in 1997 and has blossomed into six hundred local groups that present programs focusing on motor vehicular safety for children and their families. Everything from hands-on seatbelts, car seats, and booster seat trainings to safety when a toddler is moving around outside a vehicle are presented through the General Motors and Safe Kids USA initiative. In the twenty-three years since Safe Kids Buckle Up set its message in motion over 57,000 safety events have been held and 40,000 seats have been donated to families in need, that is what I call measurable results.

The next time you have finished taking a spin through the Test Track assessments, let the adrenaline wear off for a moment and then find one of the “Create the Habit” postcards. Take the time to sign the pledge and send the message on to someone who may not always travel safely. Every little bit will help to ensure the safe arrival of the precious cargo we carry in our cars, each other.

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