12 November 2010

Note to Harambe research team

In Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the king of animal interactions is Kilimanjaro Safaris, but, for extended and extensive viewing the trails of Asia and Africa are in a class all their own. Africa’s Pangani Forest Exploration Trail offers prime views of okapis, meerkats, hippopotamuses, gorillas and other species. Pangani, however, is more than just clever creature viewing spots, it’s also a school and sanctuary.

Scattered throughout the observation stations are clipboards, chalkboards, and bulletin panels filled with various documents. Detailed drawings explain the physiology of the trail’s inhabitants, while documentation from students is refined and encouraged through the notes of their teachers, and letters, stories, and drawings from around the world expand upon the story presented along the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail. In the gorilla group areas, perched upon a rocky outcropping, is one of the students’ surveillance posts, complete with tent and cooler.

Any zoological facility can group animals together in geographical clusters, but with the storytelling of Disney, the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail comes to life. Walking through Africa, guests learn alongside the students of the sanctuary school, and take a piece of Harambe home with them.

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