13 November 2010

London at its brightest

From the time Mickey Mouse was created in 1928, it was only a few scant years before he was a household name the world over. Mickey became synonymous with quality and everyone wanted to market their product with the Mouse in turn. This week, one such Mickey endorsed advertisement will be finding its way into a new home.

One lot from Swann Galleries’ Rare and Important Travel Poster Sale, taking place on November 15th, will feature Mickey Mouse as a beacon for the film industry. The poster in question was created in 1934 as a means to educate Underground passengers traveling into London of the diverse cultural activities available in the city. The posters, of which there were four designs, showcased sports, stage, film, leisure and other arts that were awaiting passengers. While only a small part of the poster itself, Mickey Mouse had the honor and responsibility of enticing patrons to the cinema.

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