15 November 2010

Famous wild animals

There are miraculous moments that take place inside the borders of Walt Disney World each and every day. Small surprises like a free ice cream after you dropped yours on the ground or a little extra pixie dust (read: confetti) for a child and even more magical moments including being selected for a show or being the child selected to throw the switch that illuminates the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. In one outpost of Walt Disney World, however, the miracle of life is the greatest magic of all.Throughout Disney’s Animal Kingdom, life is happening every single day. Animals are resting, eating, and playing with one another. Though the creatures inhabiting Harambe and Anandapur do not have worry about their survival in the same way that their siblings do in the true wilds, the advancement of the species is still important. In other words, offspring must be born, protected and educated.In the past several months, several new babies have been born and slowly introduced to the public. In that same time span, I have been lucky enough to witness and young elephant romping with its herd, a toddling rhino surrounded by a protective pack, and a mother gorilla teaching its baby how to walk. Babies for endangered species are becoming fewer and fewer in the wilderness, although conservation efforts are assisting in turning that tide, so it is a truly amazing to be able to witness the continued expansion of species in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.Obviously, births and infants are not observed in the animal habitats on a daily basis, but the small miracles of animal life are visible. Miracles that should be considered awe inspiring. Of course, when a cute baby does come along, it should be smiled upon too!

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