30 November 2010

Here We Come A-Wassailing

In the next few weeks, as we lead up to Christmas, we’ll be taking a look at some Walt Disney World Christmas activities. Most have gone the way of the ghost of Christmas past, but some never go out of style. We’ll start this week in Epcot.

World Showcase has always been perfectly suited for entertaining and educating guests about customs of the world, and there is no better example than the displays and productions of each country’s holiday season. While caroling, in its most basic form, may not have begun in the United Kingdom, a multitude of wassailing and recognizable carols did originate there. With the image of Victorian-era carolers firmly nestled in our heads, is it any wonder that caroling has always been am important part of the holiday presentation in the United Kingdom pavilion?

As a quick aside, I loved the double-decker omnibuses that comprised the World Showcase Transportation. And doesn’t that bus just lend itself perfectly to the holiday scene set in the United Kingdom?

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