02 November 2010

A monumental addition

As we await the arrival of Starspeeder 1000s and the next incarnation of Star Tours at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, as well as at Disneyland, today we take a giant step back. The image below offers a brief glimpse into the coming Imperial onslaught on Endor in the form of the massive AT-AT Walker.The 35-foot All Terrain Armored Transport was designed to give the appearance that it is constantly moving forward. The steel skeleton was almost completely encased with a fiberglass shell, remember the AT-AT resides in the back stage area of the park which means appearance matters, not completed entities. Although it would be erected in Florida, and unveiled to the public in August of 1989, the colossal wienie was originally constructed in California.

Appearing in the photograph with the AT-AT and model AT-AT are Imagineers Paul Osterhout and Shannon Hanaway and Larry Casey of the Walt Disney World operations staff.


Matt said...

Not sure what the future holds for the AT-AT walker that is current in DHS, but I really like how cool and imposing it looks!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

I'm not sure what the future holds for the AT-AT either, but I have enjoyed it thoroughly and would love to see it stay. Of course, that doesn't mean I'd be opposed to something like Slave I or Jabba's Barge swooping across the Florida sky either!