01 June 2010

We are doing it

Sometimes a piece of Walt Disney World history comes along that is simply to wonderful not to share, as is the case with the item featured today. Beginning in February 1982, the Walt Disney World Co. began releasing a publication known as the EPCOT Center Construction News. The small four page publication was created for the crews working on the EPCOT Center site and highlighted projects and people who were bringing the dream to life.

In the inaugural issue, the EPCOT Center Construction News highlighted family previews, what the publication would be delivering to its readers, and a brief overview of what, precisely, EPCOT Center was going to be. In addition to the throwaway introductory articles, the first issue packs a wealth of historically significant photographs. Aerial views of Spaceship Earth, The American Adventure, and the entire EPCOT Center project can be seen throughout the publication, as well as a the groundbreaking of the France Pavilion with three chefs who would play a large role in the pavilion’s cuisine and a glut of construction photographs. Go ahead and start reading!


Chuck Munson said...

Thanks for posting this, Ryan. As someone who is involved in the design and construction industry (Architect), this is the kind of Disney history that fascinates me.

The Artwork of Christi Bunn said...

Ryan, this a great post! Thanks so much for sharing this treasure.


Bob R said...

Just discovered last night that EPCOT Center Construction news exists + looks like it's not an easy publication to track down, so it's great that you shared this issue. Thanks!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Thanks, Bob! They certainly are hard to come by, but I continually keep my eyes out for one I don't have that I can share with everyone!