09 June 2010


The Main Street Gazette has always shied away from sponsorships or advertising, attempting to maintain the purest form of content for its readers. In recent months, however, the time and monetary constraints of the Gazette’s coffers has become increasingly clear. In order to maintain the highest level of quality readers have come to expect, and I have come to expect of myself, we are going to begin accepting sponsorships for the site.

For readers, know that I will never endorse a product or company that I myself would not use. Also, I will be mindful of where the advertisements are placed (such as ads in the side bar, or as a link in the article), so they do not impose too much upon the content you are reading. That said, as sponsors come aboard, please give them a chance, as they are assisting me in providing you with the quality articles you love.

For potential sponsors or advertisers, we are only looking for a few long-term partnerships. With the shifting dynamics of the readership, from strictly site readership to readers who come in from Facebook, Twitter, or only read through RSS, we have designed several options. Small square ads can be placed along the side bar section, near the top of the current article so as to maximize visibility. For those wishing to reach out to readers who do not visit the site daily, we have also devised an option for sponsoring one of the five weekly sections (Perspective, World of Yesterday, Disney Delish, Photo Safari, and The WDW Record).

As I am only the creative force for the Gazette, the brains of the operation will be handling all aspects of this element of the site. All proposals can be sent to Aileen Sheehan-Wilson, the Main Street Gazette’s business and public relations manager (who also happens to be my wife), at aileen@mainstgazette.com.

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