04 June 2010

How to land on all fours

With Mickey’s Toontown Fair slated for, shall we say, relocation (for all of our younger readers out there), I thought now would be the perfect time to explore some of the town’s finer points. Today we’ll look at an organization that helps furry friends get their wings.

Located just inside the barn of Goofy’s Barnstormer, Fido’s Fearless Flight School is solely ‘Fur Cats and Dogs.’ Luckily for those felines and pups, they are taking lessons from some of their own, which proves that it isn’t raining cats and dogs; they just enjoy flying and parachuting as much as the next four-legged friend. The Fearless Faculty themselves are a veritable who’s who of flying aces, and include: “Amelia” Airedale, “Turbulence” Tabby, “Orville” & “Wilbur” Weimaraner, “Cockpit” Katz, “Bold” Yeller, Kitty “Hawk,” Charles Lindcat & Eddie Von Ricken-barker, and, of course, the founder “Fearless” Fido.

While class is in currently in session when guests happen to be passing through, the staff have graciously provided a class schedule to peruse:
8 am: Flight ManeuversTail Spin, Roll Over, and Dogfighting
10 am: Lectures“How to land on all fours” and “Getting the most from your Ninth Life.”
1 pm: Maintenance 101“How to clear hairballs out of your intake valve.”
4 pm: Airfield Practice“how to land on an Aircraft Terrier.”

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