20 June 2010

Disney This Week - 20 June 2010

With Pixar spending so much well-deserved time in the spotlight this week, Bakerella takes the lamp to the kitchen with Mater cupcakes.

Speaking of Pixar, Shawn Slater reveals some terrific Block Party Bash details at DisneyShawn.

Jennifer von Hoffman pondered over toys and children growing up at Studios Central, but these aren’t the toys you are thinking of.

Disney Every Day scribe, Amanda Tinney, gives us a tour through the current condition of the Diamond Horseshoe.

This week, Lou Mongello went wayback at WDW Radio, and took a spin around World Showcase on EPCOT Center’s Omnibus.

AJ highlights the variety of Sunshine Seasons over at The Disney Food Blog.

Progress City U.S.A. reminds us that 1989 was the year Hollywood East was to burst onto the scene, in an article by Michael Crawford.

In the category of making me extremely hungry, Andy Jackson wins with his meal photographs from Brown Derby on Eating (and Drinking) around the World.

Over at Disney and More, Alain Littaye collects a gallery of Asia, DinoLand U.S.A., Beastly Kingdom concept art and behind-the-scenes work.

Spring is in the air over at DF’82, where Princess Fee has a series devoted to Tokyo DisneySea’s Spring Carnival.

Finally, this past week was The International Hollywood Studios Awareness Week, as set forth by Matt Hochberg and Studios Central. Take a peak at the various articles, ideas, and comments that sprang up in celebration of Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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