09 June 2010

Take a break from the action

Dining at Walt Disney World during extremely busy times of year can have its advantages, especially if you can be a little more flexible with your meal times. During the busy Easter period when I took my most recent trip, vouchers were handed out at several of the parks which entitled guests to buy one entrée, get one entrée free at participating quick service venues, provided you had lunch before 11:30am or dinner between 3:00pm and 4:30pm. Since I was on my own, I had no one to share the coupon with. However, the Studio Catering Co. had just launched a new menu, so I decided to sample a pair of their new offerings.

Buffalo Chicken – The description for these item reads, “breaded chicken breast, romaine, tomato, spicy ranch dressing, and a Tuscan roll.” Between the shifting layers caused by the tomatoes and buffalo ranch dressing, this is one thick, messy sandwich. The heat factor from the sauce is interesting in that it provides flavorful heat, not simply spicy for the sake of being hot. Additionally, it is nice to see a spicy sauce being added to a sandwich, rather than a pre-marinated piece of chicken, for those guests who wish to have the sauce on the side and add it sparingly.

Pressed Tuscan Deli – The menu lists this sandwich as having, “shaved smoked ham, smoked breast of turkey, provolone, Caesar dressing and pesto marinated vine ripe tomatoes, and a Tuscan roll.” After being pressed, this sandwich is deceivingly small and provides a hefty meal. The spices present in the dressing and pesto add a kick to this sandwich that, along with the meat and cheese selection, places the Pressed Tuscan Deli more in the family of Cuban sandwiches than your typical Italian sub, grilled or otherwise.

The remainder of the Studio Catering Co.’s entrées use artisan ingredients, such as sunflower Panini bread or black olive ciabatta, and a Mediterranean flair to bring a new spectrum of taste to the quick service dining circuit. Healthy options are also highly visible here with a Greek Salad, Grilled Vegetable sandwich, and a Chicken Caesar Wrap. With so many unique items, and an outdoor, covered seating area, I can foresee the Studio Catering Co. becoming the place to catch a bite in the middle of the day.


Disneyphemera said...

Yum! I think I'm gonna have to try that Pressed Tuscan Deli in a couple weeks. Did I mention...YUM!?

Princess Fee said...

They have Buffalo Chicken?! I think I might faint!!!! I have already planned every counter service meal at DHS in my future trip just by this post... Thank you!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Scott and Fiona, both meals were really good! I lean more towards the Buffalo Chicken, which is messy, but I like spicier foods.

Matt said...

I had the buffalo chicken sandwich and it is quite good. Messy, but good!