30 June 2010

Such seasoned performers

Sometimes, when your schedule allows for some flexibility and you are not working with an ADR, there are some great dining options that can find you when and where you least expect them. I learned this lesson first hand during my spring trip to Walt Disney World, when during a day of touring and documenting resorts hunger grabbed a hold of me at Coronado Springs.

My first inclination was to head over to the Pepper Market, but it was such a gorgeous day outside, and I had yet to sample the fare at Café Rix, so I altered my destination and made my way to Coronado Springs’ cozy cafeteria. Inside, the canteen offers a variety of sandwiches, baked goods, beverages, and quick bites, but it can become a very cramped corner of the resort during busy meal times. Being a party of one, I didn’t have to worry about others getting lost in the crowd, but I could see the potential for wayward spouses or wandering children.

Once guests make their way through the herd of other diners, Café Rix offers a variety of seating options. There are a few tables nearby, but most guests choose the more relaxing option, dining lake-side at one of the many outdoor tables. Since the lodging buildings of Coronado Spring are positioned around the lake, Lago Dorado, dining outside offers postcard-esque views of the Dig Site, Ranchos, Cabanas, and some of the Casitas, with the added bonus of watercraft jetting across the water.The menu at Café Rix is filled with hot pressed sandwiches, including carne asada, cappacola ham, grilled chicken, and garlic shrimp, not to mention the cheese variety, cold sandwiches, and desserts that are headlined by gelato. For my part, I chose the Cuban Sandwich with chips. Living in central Florida, near Ybor City (before it was revitalized as a tourist destination), I grew up on Cuban Sandwiches, so I have a very high standard for this sandwich. Café Rix’ Cuban Sandwich did not compare to the handmade behemoths of my youth, but in comparison to the other restaurant and mass produced sandwiches I have sampled in my lifetime, the Cuban at Café Rix stands among the top tier. The bread has the chewy, yet crisp, consistency, the meats and cheese are fresh and high quality, and the pickles and mustard brings the flavors home.

I would have never sought out this Cuban Sandwich, or Café Rix, on my own, but by keeping my options open and allowing good food to find me, I found a eatery and entrée that I would happily dine at again. Café Rix is a hustling and bustling cafeteria that offers different dishes and some fantastic views, I will definitely keep Café Rix on my radar when I happen to be in their corner of Walt Disney World.


Carly said...

I love Coronado Springs. It's such a relaxed resort and the restaurants and shops have a different feel to them than other resorts do. It seems like this resort doesn't get enough attention because everything is so understated, so I'm glad you're highlighting this overlooked little sandwich! :)

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Carly, I've only spent a little time at Coronado Springs, but you're absolutely right about the laid back feel of it. The walk around Lago Dorado at sunset is a real hidden treasure!

Although, if you happen to stay there when the resort is hosting a conference, it can get quite cramped, quite quickly!