17 June 2010

A good looking pan

There is something special about the parks of Walt Disney World after the sun has set and the lights have come on. The glow on the rockwork, the subtle way the shadows play against the cracks and carvings, and the neon of yesterday or tomorrow beckoning us away from today all add a spark to the atmosphere that cannot be found during the daylight hours.

Photographers clamor for that perfect photograph of the pavilions in World Showcase at night. Pictures of the silhouette of Everest and the animal carvings found on the Tree of Life after the wildlife has gone to sleep are feathers in the cap. However, for my eye, Disney’s Hollywood Studios offers some of the best nighttime photographing, or strolling atmosphere, of any park in Walt Disney World. From lighting a village from long ago in a galaxy far, far away, to the hum of the neon illuminating Hollywood’s golden boulevards, there is nothing like it. Let’s take a walk, shall we?


Matt said...

Great photos! Love to see these great night shots.

Disneyphemera said...

Very nice array of photos.

Jason G. said...

Great photos. As a kid, i was transfixed with Epcot at night, specifically Future World. I remember getting a set of postcards that expertly captured what my family's camera was not going to. Sadly, I still feel the same way about the camera I have today, even if its digital. I can't afford to go high end right now but when I'm down in Disney this October, I need to find a way to fix the settings on the Canon Powershot to get a better snap of those nighttime settings. Because from a kid to the adult I am now, Disney at night is still an amazing experience.

M.Sedlar said...

Those are some awesome photos! What kind of set up were you using? Tripod?

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Thanks for the kind words on the photographs everyone!

Jason and Matt, I'm not a great photographer. In fact all I used for these photographs was a point and shoot camera, however, the tripod I use makes me look really really good.

Jason, I love that story about Epcot! I can remember having the same feelings walking past Horizons, Spaceship Earth, The Living Seas, and Imagination.