08 May 2009

Stretch more than three and a half miles

Many people know about, and have taken part in the Disney’s Walk Around the World. This program allowed guests to purchase a stone for two-hundred or two-hundred and fifty dollars, depending on the chosen stone, have it inscribed with a date or name close to their heart, and have it placed along the pathway around the Seven Seas Lagoon. Original arrangements called for this pathway to lead around the entire lagoon, but those plans were never realized, and stones were placed along the walkway near the Polynesian, Transportation and Ticket Center, the Contemporary, and the Magic Kingdom.The path ends in a cul-de-sac at the edge of the channel that stores the Electrical Water Pageant floats. This area of the Walt Around the World is seldom seen, but on my recent trip to Walt Disney World I decided to see what stood at the end of the walk. As I made my way along the path, between the sandy shore and monorail track, I saw paw prints in the sand, but no signs of people having ventured down this trail. The walk took approximately twenty minutes, ten to the end and ten to return to the Magic Kingdom’s front gate, and is located alongside the unused Resort Launches post near a shaded seating area, to the left of the Magic Kingdom’s gates if you are look at the park head on.The leisurely stroll offers some fantastic views of the Seven Seas Lagoon and is one of the few areas inside of Walt Disney World where you can feel truly alone. Unlike other Parking Breaks, it may not offer a place to charge batteries, laptops, or cell phones, there is no dining or background music, but, occasionally, some peace and quiet, and the hum of a passing monorail are just enough to put you back into the perfect mood to enjoy the parks. I hope you will take some time to explore this quiet cove the next time you find yourself at Walt Disney World.

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Princess Fee said...

Beautiful - looks like a truly peaceful area of the World. I might need to try and take a little wonder along there sometime. I imagine at night, catching the Electrical Water Pageant going out would be fun too!