03 May 2009

Guests Will Be Part of Show on Hollywood Boulevard

As I say my goodbyes, at least for the moment anyway, to Walt Disney World today, the Gazette will take a final look, at least for the moment anyway, at the Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park News. Today’s Back Issue features a look at the Cast Members who really get in on the act of interacting with guests, the streetmosphere characters. Once again, from the April 1989 publication, Guests Will Be Part of Show on Hollywood Boulevard.

Roving reporters, pesky autograph hounds and watchful talent scouts will be on the scene as guests stroll down Hollywood Boulevard at the Disney-MGM Studios Theme Park.

Visitors may find themselves being “auditioned” for a leading role, signing autographs for an adoring crowd or being mistaken for “that glamorous starlet” or “macho leading man.” There’s the ever-present map salesman guiding tourists to the stars’ Beverly Hills homes, the Flimflam Man who would sell his Mother if it turned a profit and the not-so-successful stuntman – the only breaks he gets require surgery.

And what would a studio be without the glitz and glamour of Hollywood in its heyday? Guests will see a musical salute to Hollywood in a new show being created for the park. From the era of silent movies to modern-day classics, guests will see hundreds of fabulous costume designs, hear their favorite songs and watch as some of the nation’s most talented singers and dancers take them on a musical journey through the best of Hollywood.

The show will feature a group of 10 women selected from across the U.S. called the “Disney Girls,” four “leading men,” plus Mickey, Minnie and other favorite Disney characters.

Guests can see the show five times daily at a new amphitheater being constructed on Hollywood Boulevard.

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