14 May 2009

Commassary Lane

The emotional responses created by the sights and sounds of Walt Disney World are a part of the human experience. Another quality of the human experience is the ability to make mistakes, a trait that even Walt Disney World is not impervious to, especially typos.Take, for example the Gate 1 guardhouse at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. As the entrance to Commissary Lane, it keeps the eateries, sets, and backstage areas closed off to star seekers and unauthorized personnel. Yet, the log for those coming and going through Commissary Lane misspells the location, instead referring to the area as Commassary Lane.On the resort side of Walt Disney World, Fort Wilderness offers us this sign about the restriction of pets. While the sign may seem straight forward enough, the quotation marks indicate that this is a direct quote from someone else. If you are going by what is simply on the sign, you would have to think that they are quoting someone named Thank You, which is clearly not the intent.

These signage misspeaks, while amusing, show us that nothing is perfect anywhere, not even in Walt Disney World. Where there are little things, like these typos or flaking paint on a boat, there is often a solution around an upcoming corner. The same goes for all aspects of Walt Disney World. Though we may not always like the solution, or how long it takes to arrive, it is that part of the human experience, the continual growing, learning, and experimenting which occasionally leads to an error, that binds each of us to the other.

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