26 May 2009

Wherever you dwell

For many years, enthusiasts of the Haunted Mansion, and its 999 happy haunts, were forced to look beyond Liberty Square for merchandise. Perhaps the most sought after piece for collectors was the Haunted Mansion Secret Panel Chest. After years of waiting, following gift shops being added to the conclusion of many attractions and becoming common place on new attractions, the Haunted Mansion finally received Madame Leota’s Cart.The old gypsy wagon, parked just beyond the gates of Gracey Manor, or Gastley Mansion (depending on your reference), merchandise is now available for guests seeking immediate gratification of the yearning for ghostly gifts. And yet, like many of the fantastic yet overlooked details of Walt Disney World, Madame Leota’s Cart offers an immediate return on the previous experience by bringing pieces of an attraction out into the “real” world.

In the case of Madame Leota’s Cart, items used during Leota’s séance have apparently either come from or made their way to the wagon:
Harpies and furies, old friends and new,
Blow on a horn so we’ll know that it’s you.

Wizards and witches, wherever you dwell,
Give us a hint by ringing a bell.

The next time you are looking for mysterious tomes or a paranormal pin for trading, be sure to barter with Madame Leota’s Cart. While there be sure to mind your manners as you never know whom or what may be listening to the music from regions beyond.

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Princess Fee said...

I adore this cart!!!! I love the photos too. Thank you for sharing with us.