22 May 2009

The chill of ghost goodwill

When D23 took over the presenting duties of Walt Disney – One Man’s Dream, there was very little in the way of changes made to the displays. The most dramatic change, however, was the addition of an office behind glass. The office, belonging to Senior Vice President for Walt Disney Imagineering Eric Jacobson, typified a classic workspace of a Disney enthusiast. Complete with figures and figurines, buttons, shelves filled with books new and old, art, and even the occasional prop or piece from the theme parks, the office certainly reminds me of people I know, right down to the cluttered desk top.One of the more unique items found in the display is a copy of three scarols, from A Book of Scarols. Scarols use traditional Christmas carol melodies and apply new, ghostly and grim, lyrics. A series of ten scarols have been known to be sung throughout the Haunted Mansion Holiday at Disneyland. Those ten scarols are the Elfman Medley, God Rest You Merry Grinning Ghost, Grim Grinning Ghosts, Old Mansion Tree, Over the Graveyard, Scary Bells, The 13 Days of Christmas, Up on the Housetop, We Wish You a Scary Christmas, and Wreck the Halls.Displayed on the desk are the lyrics to Up on the Housetop, Over the Graveyard, and We Wish You a Scary Christmas. In order for you to be able to scare up the spirit of whatever season you would like to use scarols for, here are the lyrics for those three songs.
Up on the Housetop
No No No! You shouldn’t go!
No No No! You shouldn’t go!
All through the Mansion, there goes Jack!
Down through the graveyard with his sack!

Over the Graveyard
Over the graveyard and through the tombs
A happy haunt’s delight!
Oh, feel the chill of ghost goodwill!
Come scream on Christmas Night!! Ahhh!

We Wish You a Scary Christmas
We wish you a scary Christmas!
We wish you a scary Christmas!
We wish you a scary Christmas
And a Haunted New Year!

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