23 May 2009

Proverbs are like butterflies

Proverbs are like butterflies, some are caught, some fly away. –Ghana

Proverbs, or words of wisdom, have been a part of our oral tradition dating back to the beginning of spoken word. A proverb presents a universal truth in a compact succinct manner which can be shared generation-to-generation and even language-to-language. The proverb above is the first maxim most guests will come across as they enter the Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village, and it sets the stage for not only the other proverbs scattered around the resort, but also for the beautifully crafted butterfly ornamentation that can be found near the other proverbs of Kidani Village, drawing your attention to the words and stories presented throughout the area.

Though this sampling is not a complete catalog of the numerous proverbs found around Kidani Village, they include some outstanding insights into the spirit of what it is to be human, the histories of people throughout Africa, as well as hint into the nature of the guests’ current surroundings, such as the ‘pot that boils’ proverb along the entrance to Sanaa.

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