21 May 2009

Galeria de la Fuente

Caribbean Plaza, in the Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland, showcases a unique water feature. The four fountains that surround the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction highlight not only desires that a pirate may have, such as for fortune and art, but also more subtle cravings like serenity and clear skies.The four fountains, of which most are dry and used as planters these days, may be difficult to find as they are scattered about the area. However, even if you cannot find the buried treasures that are the fountains, the exploration of Caribbean Plaza and the Castillo del Morro are well worth the time.For the fountain seekers amongst you, the four fountains are: Fuente de la Fortuna (Fountain of Fortune), La Fuente Serena (The Calm Fountain), Galeria de la Fuente (Gallery of the Fountain), and Fuente Cielo Azul (Fountain Blue Sky).

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