16 May 2009

Happy places

If there is one thing I can be accused of, for which I am guilty, it is that so often I point my camera at a specific detail. I create list after list of details in my professional, Disney, and personal lives, but always seem to miss the big picture. In Walt Disney World that means taking pictures of friends and family, as well as the long shots through a well crafted scene of Adventureland, Echo Lake, or along Animal Kingdom Lodge’s savannah.These sweeping views, such as the first reveal of Cinderella Castle after any period of time away, are often the ones that leave lasting and indelible impressions upon us. It was a goal of mine during my most recent trip to take a step back and really see what lay before me. Today’s photo safari offers a few of my favorite big pictures.

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Anonymous said...

Love those pics with no people around.