26 May 2008

Utilizes knowledge without end

The Ultimate Disney Trivia Book, written by Kevin Neary and Dave Smith (yes, that Dave Smith), is full of 999 tricky trivia questions. The book was followed by three sequel books as well. The book covered not only characters, cartoons, and films, but also presented questions from Disney parks around the globe. The answers may have changed over the years, but that only endears the book to me more, because it now serves as a bit of a time capsule. The original Ultimate Disney Trivia Book was published in January 1993.

Below are a few of the trickier questions from the book. Feel free to take a guess or two, or whip out your own handy dandy Ultimate Disney Trivia Book. Come back tomorrow and we will not only have the answers, but a little bit of the story behind the trivia. Enjoy!

From The Three Caballeros: In the opening sequence Donald Duck is celebrating his birthday. What is the date?
From The Happiest Millionaire: How many children do the Biddles have, and how many alligators does Anthony J. Drexel Biddle own?
From Disney on Television: Who taught us how to spell “encyclopedia” on the Mickey Mouse Club?
From Resorts/Other Attractions: Where can you find Big Bertha?
From Euro Disney: What country came in second in the bidding war for Euro Disney?


Princess Fee said...

I can only answer 2 of them - I am not worthy of being a Disney Fan... Oh the shame!
Looking forward to the answers, Ryan!

Ed South said...

A fun little side project is seeing how many of these books (in order) you can score on e-bay without paying a fortune!

Greg said...

You're right Ed. This adds to already expanding list. I am becoming one of Amazon's favorite customers. Them, and the Disney Movie Club with my orders for Disney Treasures DVDs.

Ryan, thanks. I hope to still have some money left for the September and December trips.