09 May 2012

Patisserie menu

Most people stumble towards the Boulangerie Patisserie after a viewing of Impressions de France or wind through the streets of France because they know there is something sweet to be had there. There are a few guests with keen palates who know you can also stop by the Patisserie for something savory, such as the cheese plate with a petite baguette. What about those times when you want something a bit more substantial? Believe it or not, they’ve got you covered there too!

The Rustic Ham Tartine sounds very fancy, doesn’t it? In all actuality, it is little more than a French bread pizza or open faced sandwich. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t tasty. While in the cooler case, it may not look like much, but after they have run it through the oven for a few minutes, there is bubbling cheese, crispy bits of meat, and a crispy piece of bread. To be fair, only the exterior of the bread is crispy enough for a hearty crunch, but the soft bread underneath is also a welcome textual shift. The ham and cheese are both good quality, and the sauce in endowed with an earthy blend of spices.

This isn’t a meal, but the Rustic Ham Tartine is perfect for a between meals bite or as a dish to sample with a friend. While I may almost always venture into the Boulangerie Patisserie looking for something sweet, it is good to know that there are some savory dishes also on hand in case I have a hankering for something a bit more substantial!

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