11 May 2012

Green squadron

No, we’re not talking about the Little Green Men from the toy Story franchise, okay, well sort of. However, we’re quite literally going to be digging a little bit deeper than that today. This merchandise kiosk is situated in Tomorrowland, right near the ramp for the Peoplemover, and while it may look like a spaceship with Little Green Men pouring out of it, in reality it has a much better story.

The merchandise cart’s story starts in 1995’s animated feature, Toy Story. In the Pizza Planet scene, Buzz and Woody first encounter the pint sized extraterrestrials when Buzz jumps into their game, believing it to be a rocket, and Woody follows. The Pizza Planet game, Space Crane, is based off of the prototypical prize machine with a grappling hook. As the Little Green Men, voiced by Jeff Pidgeon, explain, they are at the mercy of their master, The Claw. The Claw decides who stays and who goes, when in all actuality it is the children, and perhaps parents wanting to show off, who activate The Claw and attempt to grab the alien toys.

Back in Tomorrowland, this version of The Claw can be a little tricky to see, with the best vantage point coming from zipping along overhead aboard the Peoplemover. While guests can’t play for a chance to take home a toy alien, or a Buzz Lightyear or Woody, it is a nice touch to remind perceptive guests of just how we first met the Little Green Men and The Claw.

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melissa sue said...

Aww!! I love the Little Green Men. And this installation. If you time your ride on TTA right, you can get a great shot of one of the LGM's butts!