02 May 2012

Breakfast circuit

You’ve hurried into Epcot’s Future World to grab your Fastpass for Soarin’ or rush through the queue to get your first ride of the day done. You have some time before you can use your Fastpass, but don’t feel like venturing off to the other pavilions of Future World just yet. Sunshine Seasons beckons to you, but you’re not in the mood for a huge platter of food. The answer, the Children’s French Toast.

For a modest price you’ll receive two pieces of French toast, bacon or sausage, and potatoes. Throw a bottle of chocolate milk onto your tray and you are really ready to send yourself back to your childhood.

The red-skinned potatoes have been prepared with salt, pepper, onions and peppers. They are tender, savory and a classic breakfast staple! Selecting either the bacon or sausage is fine, both have their place on the typical Walt Disney World breakfast plate, but neither is spectacular. The French toast is not a thick cut, but it is sweet and has a great crisp to the outside of the bread. That crunchiness is perfect for holding the toast’s form up against syrup, while the soft inside sops up the sweet, sticky liquid.

The child’s portion of French toast is not going to win any awards, but it will do the job for a quick breakfast that is not going to overstuff you and make you sluggish for the rest of the morning. For the adults out there, don’t let the fact that you’re ordering off of the children’s menu dissuade you. For starters, no Cast Member is going to chide you or give you strange looks. Second, and more importantly, you are at Walt Disney World, it is perfectly okay, if not required, to let your inner child run free!


Mini-V said...

Good to know. Thanks .

Niki said...

the children's size portion is enough for an adult - for years I stuffed myself with the adult bounty platter because it was the best bang for buck on the DDP, I won't do that anymore!