29 May 2012

Hemstitching and picoting

Walt Disney World is home to the largest active costuming shop anywhere on the globe. Every Cast Member who could be seen by a guest, from maintenance to Cinderella herself, has a costume to wear. These costumes need to be cleaned, repaired, and readied for the next time a Cast Member needs to don their outfit for their role in the show that is Walt Disney World.
This picture features one of Walt Disney World’s original costume managers, Ken Creekmore. While Ken has his place in history reserved with his representation on one of Main Street, U.S.A.’s famous windows, he is seen here in one of the costuming storehouses in 1978. Many of those in the costuming department came, and continue to come, from a background in the motion picture field. This film background lends itself to the realistic environments that have been crafted for the parks and resorts of Walt Disney World.

The detail I love most in this picture isn’t the stylish three piece suit Creekmore is rocking, it is the costumes themselves. Specifically, the rows and rows of costumes that while different in size are, for all intents and purposes, identical.

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DM said...

I was fortunate to do the Disney College Program a few years ago. Costuming is just unbelievable. Rows and rows of costumes... Makes me think of cartoons when they open a closet and it's all the same outfit!