16 May 2012

Catch a customer's eye

Stuffing food into other types of food, a la the turducken, is almost always a great idea! At Disney’s Hollywood Studios they’ve taken this food fad to most basic of lunch staples, the sandwich. Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner has a trio of stuffed sandwiches available for consumption, and today we’re taste testing the Chicken Caesar Sandwich.

The sandwich starts with a hollowed out French roll which has a crust that is flaky and chewy. The interior is soft and creates a nice contrast between the crisp outer layer of the sandwich and the inner elements. The greens, parmesan, chicken and dressing are tangy and pair well with the mild French roll. While I appreciated the strong flavors provided by the salad, it may include more dressing than most guests would like, as it does turn the lettuce soggy rather quickly. If you think this may be a problem, I’d recommend asking for dressing on the side or for light dressing.

While Min & Bill’s Dockside Diner has plenty of seating nearby and great views of the Echo Lake area, the beauty of the stuffed sandwiches is that they can go anywhere with you in the park! This is a street food that I would highly recommend for anyone on the run in Disney’s Hollywood Studios or looking for something a bit different.


Unknown said...

That just looks yummy.

prttynpnk said...

A revelation! We've never quite found our go-to counter meal at Studios- this looks like a winner!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Melanie - It was pretty tasty!

prttynpnk - They have three different sandwiches there, and I think they're all a fair Studios staple!