20 April 2011

Nuts to me

There are plenty of times at Walt Disney World that you want to sit down and enjoy your snacks, whether it is a pastry from Boulangerie Patisserie or some fudge from the Main Street Confectionary. Often times, however, you are on the go and need a snack that can travel with you. While the obvious choices, popcorn and ice cream, are both delicious and have their merits, today we’re focusing on something a little nutty.

Throughout Walt Disney World, you can find snack carts selling cinnamon roasted, or glazed, almonds. Also, the occasional cart can be found selling cinnamon roasted peanuts or a version that mixes the two, but my personal favorites are the almonds. The almonds are placed in a churning vat filled with the cinnamon and sugar glaze. After an ample coating has been applied, the hot almonds are divvied out into small triangular bags and folded shut to keep in the heat.

They are sweet and crunchy and mobile, everything needed for a snack on the go. They cinnamon glazed almonds have one more leg up over other snacks, energy. The almonds, which are almost mouth puckering in their sweetness, pack a punch of protein. This makes them the perfect snack for families. No more children crashing from the sugar rush of ice cream and they’ll have the enjoy to make it through that afternoon push.

These carts are not very difficult to find, mostly you’ll just have to follow your nose to the scent of warm cinnamon. The cinnamon roasted almonds will give the perfect afternoon boost or keep you warm on a chilly night. The next time you are looking for a quick bite on your way to using your next Fastpass, be sure to give these a try.


Netmongrel said...

Those are one of my absolute favorite vendor cart treats in WDW

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Eric, they're one of mine as well, especially when we're down in December and January!