28 April 2011

Disney's best kept secret

Yeah, it’s a corny title that I’ve avoided using for years. But the time seemed right as today’s safari is the perfect blend of corny and that tippy-top, super-duper, best kept secret, the Disney Vacation Club.The Disney Vacation Club, or DVC, is a program I am not a member of, but hope to be one day, that’s off-topic, however. Throughout the parks and resorts of Walt Disney World are DVC kiosks where you can learn about the program. You can’t miss the stands, they are well placed and draw attention, which seems kind of a silly place to talk about a secret, if you ask me.

The kiosk of Dinoland U.S.A. in Disney’s Animal Kingdom fits in perfectly with the kitsch of Chester and Hester’s and the playful nature of the graduate students, as seen throughout The Boneyard and Restaurantosaurus. Billed as Gargantuasaurus World Tours, the station presents signs featuring ‘dig sites’ in the place of resorts, with the location or theme of the resort playing into what fossil finds could be found there.

Which dig site would you call home?

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