06 April 2011


When you think of snack foods at Walt Disney World, the mind is inexplicably drawn to popcorn, Dole Whips and ice cream carts. Tucked within those carts are the marquee Mickey bars.

Once upon a time, the Mickey’s head on a stick ice cream bars were similar to the Mickey’s Parade Mickey Mouse Bars from Good Humor. These bars featured two shades of ice cream, one for the face and the other for the eyes, nose and mouth. But these snacks that smile have since been replaced with Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bars from Nestle.In the current incarnation, the Mickey bars are shaped like a typical hidden or d├ęcor Mickey. That is one large circle with two smaller circles placed atop the main circle for ears. The construction of the bar includes vanilla ice cream that has been coated with a thick layer of chocolate. The image of the Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bar is eye-candy for the stomach and has been featured on everything from Mr. Potato Head accessories, scrapbooking material, and even a child’s food playset. But how do the bars taste?The first bite has to be one of the ears, not only because it is the logical place to start, but because the idea of chomping off an ear appeals to our darker sides. Just ask the chocolate Easter bunnies! The first bite has a satisfying crunch as the chocolate shell shatters for the first time. The further into the bar you go, the more the chocolate melts, presenting the sensation of a bite of ice cream with chocolate syrup in your mouth. While the chocolate does sweat and begin to melt as you make your way through the ice cream bar, it does contain the ice cream, which can melt rapidly in the Florida heat, which is a definite plus.Overall, the Mickey’s Premium Ice Cream Bars are a treat, a rite of passage for first time guests and a fond staple for the park going veterans. A hot day in the parks and a Mickey shaped ice cream, it doesn’t get much better than that!


Jennifer Lynn said...

It was always a tradition in my family for the kids to get one of these, then when I would go with friends and their kids for the first time we would do the same and get them one. I haven't had one in a really long time and kind of miss them. Thanks for the reminder!

V @ No Privacy At All Around This Place! said...

I miss the old ones. :\