15 April 2011

Blockbuster weekend

For much of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney-MGM Studios before, the area known as Streets of America was known as New York Street. In 2005, with the unveiling of Light, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show a new avenue appeared in the district, this time a vista of San Francisco. While the block was short, the backdrop used forced perspective to allow the mind to wander beyond the townhouses.

One detail that was included in the backdrop was a newspaper box containing the day’s allotment of The Examiner. What is the headline adorning this San Francisco publication? Blockbuster Weekend, the story touting the success of the Disney-Pixar smash hit The Incredibles.In 2009 the wear and tear of Florida’s sunshine and other harsh weather meant the screen needed to be replaced. While the panoramic scene remained identical, the newspaper machine had a minor change to its papers. The box still contained copies of The Examiner and the headline still read Blockbuster Weekend, but now the headline referred to the summer smash Up.

Keeping up with the times, what a great attention to detail!

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