30 September 2010

Happy days can reappear

Part of the legacy and charm of EPCOT Center were the indelible icons that were created to represent each of the pavilions of Future World. When the park opened, each pavilion had its own unique symbol that also carried with it a sense of common identity to the emblems of every other pavilion, as well as the central icon of the entire experience. However, the opening of EPCOT Center did not mean the end of the creation of these symbols. While Horizons and The Living Seas icons were established prior to the park opening, they were not common place until each pavilion opened, in 1983 and 1986 respectively. Also, Wonders of Life was granted its own circular representation when it opened in 1989.

These days, the icons have slowly vanished from the Epcot landscape, but that doesn’t mean a few reminders cannot be tracked down by the dedicated. The radiating circles of the Universe of Energy can still be found adorning the tile mural in the attraction’s entrance. Over in The Land, the sprouting plant is displayed on the side of Living With The Land’s Fastpass machines. Mission: SPACE pays homage to the attraction that once occupied its plot of land by including vanishing path of Horizons in both its gift shop counter and inside the center of the queue’s gravity wheel. On rare occasions, the crashing waves of The Living Seas can be spotted on the side of a case in The Seas’ manatee exhibit. And perhaps the most seen, or rather trodden upon, symbol still present is the interlocking circles of EPCOT Center, which are still present in the Innoventions Courtyard, between the fountain and the walkway to World Showcase.

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