12 September 2010

Disney This Week - 12 September 2010

Beth Green, from A Disney Moms Thoughts, shows off a couple of autographs guests would be hard pressed to obtain today, Esmeralda and Quasimodo.

With football season kicking off this weekend Ryan Kilpatrick offers some great ideas for watching the game at Walt Disney World on Touring Plans.

Shawn Slater takes DisneyShawn readers back to the edutainment of Bountiful Valley Farm.

George Taylor goes back to the early years of the Magic Kingdom with a look at the Fantasy Faire and its productions at Imaginerding.

A playground post-show that proves it’s a small world after all is showcased by Fiona Doyle at DF’82. Also congratulations to DF’82 on 600 articles!

In what seemed like an unplanned crossover week, Studios Central author Matt Hochberg discusses one of our favorite park music loops, the haunting melodies of the Hollywood Tower Hotel.

Kevin Kidney continues to showcase the artwork of Jody Daily, this time with a flight to Never Never Land.

The Disney Food Blog has a new segment highlighting the cream of the photo crop, as selected by AJ who has a real knack for knowing what a feast for the eyes is.

Over at SamLand’s Disney Adventures, Sam Gennawey begins a series examining the tour he gave to college students on communication in Walt Disney World. Makes me wonder what type of tour I could put together…

One of the coolest annual food events, at least to my palate, is the unveiling of the Haunted Mansion Holiday’s gingerbread house. Heather Hust Rivera gives us a sneak peek of the 2010 edible house at the Disney Parks Blog to whet our appetites.

Amanda Tinney shows readers of Disney Every Day how to carve the perfect pumpkin for your own Main Street.

Suzannah DiMarzio made me a bit jealous by being able to attend the D23 Last Flight to Endor event. However, the Zannaland scribe made my day with the following quote, “Alas, poor TK1138, I knew him well.”

Lou Mongello has unleashed his all new audio guides, this time touring through Liberty Square and Mickey’s Toontown Fair, over at WDW Radio. Take a look and then a listen!

Makin’ Memories is examining the shops of Discovery Island, and the first entry by Melissa Loflin takes a look at the migratory nature of the Island Mercantile.

Joe Burbank previews the flavors and design of the new La Hacienda de San Angel at The Daily Disney.


Zanna said...

I have to thank you for being the only one besides my husband to give me credit for that quote. I know it's not accurate as far as ST#'s go, but thought I'd get points for the 1138 reference (along with Hamlet of course). ;) Sorry I made you jealous though. Hopefully they'll do something fun for the opening that you can be here for. :)

Thanks for the mention!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Hey, we don't know they call signs of all the Stormtroopers. I'm sure your TK1138 is (or was) out there, perhaps he was done in by a menacing assassin droid in the Kathol Sector... the possibilities are endless!

As for a Star Tours event that I could attend, here's hoping!

SamLand said...

As always, thank you. The students did weeks of preparation so there was no way to fake it. Had to add value. I would wonder what your tour would be like. Try the tour card concept. It is fun.

Matt said...

Thanks for the link love Ryan!