01 October 2010

What truck?

The whip and fedora are the most easily recognizable elements of the Indiana Jones mystique, but beyond the man there is so much more to explore. In generations past boys looked to the past of pirates and cowboys and dreamed of what might have been. In the eighties and nineties that look back still included buccaneers and cowpokes, but it also involved the era of World War II and the spies that followed. This time period had macho swagger, gorgeous women, and the most stylish vehicles this side of a DeLorean.The modes in which Indiana Jones and the rest of the ensemble maneuver around in include zeppelins, amphibious aircraft, Rolls Royces, cargo trucks, motorbikes with sidecars, various pack animals, and, not to be forgotten, tanks. These classic cars and motor vehicles set a perfect scene for the rollicking adventures of Dr. Jones, and luckily some of them have rolled on set to Disney’s Hollywood Studios.Several vehicles from the 1989 feature Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade can be found near Jones’ Epic Stunt Spectacular, behind the Adventure Outpost. There are no plaques denoting the tank, truck, or car’s place in film history, while the elements and jungle-like vegetation have done their part to deteriorate and conceal the vehicles. Yet, the automobiles continue to exude the confidence and flair of Indiana Jones and his era.

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