16 September 2010

Take some lessons

One Man’s Dream, the inspiring walk through dedicated to the life and aspirations of Walt Disney at Disney's Hollywood Studios, is currently undergoing a lengthy refurbishment. When the attraction reopens there will be fresh paint, new carpets, some remodeling, a multitude of artifacts to gaze at in wonder, and history to be uncovered. In the current, or perhaps it is more appropriate to say previous, incarnation of the tour lightened panels broke down the Walt Disney story into twelve distinct narratives, each with their own chapters. Presented below are the panels from the original dream (save the panel on Disney’s Animal Kingdom that I somehow neglected to photograph and which simultaneously frustrates me and breaks my heart). Enjoy the tour as we await the new dreams of Disney.


Chuck Munson said...

Hi Ryan,

Thanks for all the great photos. This is something I have been looking forward to seeing in person, however somehow I missed that it is being refurbished. I sense that it will not be reopened by the time (early December) that we make our first trek back to the World since 2005. Do you know if there is reopening date?

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Chuck, it closed in early August and the refurbishment is currently slated to end on November 2nd. So, there is a good chance you'll be able to tour through the new experience when you arrive in December.

andrew said...

Don't beat yourself up about missing a slide, Ryan. I'm sure someone out there has a photo of it.

Thanks for cataloguing the rest though, I finally caught up with ones I'd missed on my last stroll through - there was always so much to look at.