05 September 2010

Disney This Week - 05 September 2010

Fiona Doyle examines some of the great transportation details of Main Street in Disneyland Paris on DF’82.

The Disney Food Blog goes back to Dutch Tarry Town as AJ explores Sleepy Hollow Refreshments and its film and literary connections.

Greg Grimsley takes us to The Disney Obsession kitchen, where he has prepared Rose and Crown’s Cottage Pie.

Imaginerding scribe George Taylor has discovered that there are pirates pillaging in the South Pacific!

Kevin Kidney has been showcasing the acrylic works of Jody Daily this week, from Nature’s Wonderland and flying over Fantasyland.

International Vulture Awareness Day was this past week, and Jackie Ogden provided a primer on these not-so-cuddly creatures at the Disney Parks Blog.

Devyn Samara shows off her 1950s Peter Pan Tea Set on The Sacred Tree of the Aracuan Bird, and makes me extremely jealous in the process.

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