31 March 2010

We're happy amigos

We're happy amigos
Ryan P. Wilson

Last November the Gazette brought you the news that Mexico City booth from the International Food & Wine Festival had stuck around to become Taqueria Del Lago. The stand has become a temporary quick service location for those craving Mexican dishes while the Cantina de San Angel undergoes a massive refurbishment. Taqueria Del Lago’s menu looked tempting enough that, on my next trip to Walt Disney World, I decided to give it a taste drive.

Looking over the menu I decided on the Tostadas de Pollo. This dish serves up two tortillas of chicken marinated in chipotle. The chicken is then topped with black beans, lettuce, sour cream, and queso fresco, while pico de gallo and guacamole come served on the side. The chicken was very tender and not overly spicy, and is not overpowered by the items piled high on top of it. Unlike traditional guacamole, Taqueria Del Lago’s was not a pasty connection, instead large chunks of each vegetable could be readily found. The pico de gallo, like the chicken, was not spicy enough to send me in search of my beverage, but I liked that it was included on the side so that each diner may choose their level of zing for themselves.If I have one complaint about the Taqueria Del Lago, it would most certainly be the lack of seating or tables. While I understand that the Cantina’s seating area is unavailable, there should be some accommodations made accessible for patrons. The fare here can get messy, and there are only so many steps in front of Mexico that can be taken up by guests eating before the walkway into the pavilion is entirely clogged. I, myself, had to find a spot on the nearby bridge to balance my meal on while I ate. A few pub tables where guests can stand and eat shouldn’t be too much to ask.

Overall, I would definitely eat at Taqueria Del Lago again, the food was fresh and flavorful and really hit the spot. While I don’t foresee a change in dining furniture before the Cantina de San Angel reopens, I can hope that the type of menu offerings now found along the promenade make their way on to the Cantina’s regular menu.

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