21 March 2010

Disney This Week - 21 March 2010

Disney This Week - 21 March 2010
Ryan P. Wilson

George Taylor uses one of my favorite resources, the Walt Disney World cast newsletter Eyes and Ears, to inform Imanginerding readers about the results of the St. Patrick’s Day Run… of 1984.

Vintage advertisements for the parks some of the most remarkable pieces of Disney history, due in part to their timecapsule nature, with attractions, hours, and/or prices all in one small article. A 1962 ad featuring Disneyland Swiss Family Treehouse, was brought to our attention this week at Kevin Kidney. Kevin Kidney is returning to reporting after a long absence, so welcome back to the fray!

As I made my way through the various sites and articles this week, I came across a recurring theme, the heart and soul of all things Disney that is the driving force behind why we keep coming back and why Disney holds such a fondness in our hearts. Here were a few pieces that caught my eye and tugged on my heart strings.

Disneyland’s Main Street U.S.A. is, in some ways, the heart of the Disney park experience. This week, we learned from Princess Fee, of DF’82 fame, that no matter rain or power outages the lights will always be burning.

There are a plethora of ways to propose in a Disney park. Dave DeCaro reminds us that creative and the couple matter when he presented a guest’s Disneyland wedding proposal story over at Daveland.

Cast Members are what make a great and memorable trip to Walt Disney World magical. AJ shows the Disney Food Blog readers that it is the simple discussions that can mean the most to guests and Cast Members as she recounts her interaction with the Rose and Crown’s bartender Carl.

Sierra Bailey is a designer and writer, both of which shine over at her Manic Trout home. This week, she has tumbled down the rabbit hole and is awed and inspired by Alice’s clothes in the recent feature, Alice in Wonderland.

The Gazette is always impressed with the amount of history and detail provided by DisneyShawn articles. This week, however, Shawn Slater throws caution to the wind and reminisces about his handful of memories from his very first trip to Walt Disney World.

I usually reserve Disney This Week for showcasing the talented writers from the various worlds and aspects of the Disney community, however, I would be remiss if I did not take a few moments to pause and put down my own thoughts on the loss of Fess Parker earlier this week. As I look back on my youth, aside from Walt Disney World, Fess Parker was the largest piece of my connection to Disney. I had the coonskin cap, a homemade costume that I wore day and night, a Tavern in my Fort Wilderness stomping grounds, and a song that made my heart swell when I sang it, and I sang it loud, proud, and often…Since those early years I have wandered near and far away from home, partially because of the adventurous spirit instilled in my younger self by the King of the Wild Frontier. He wasn’t Daniel Boone, he wasn’t even Fess Parker to me back then, he was, and always will be, Davy Crockett, and his spirit will be carried forward by pioneers and explorers, boys and girls, from generations before mine and those yet to come, and Fess Parker will always be the face of the legend, forevermore.

I recommend reading D23's fantastic story of the life of Fess Parker for more information.

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