30 March 2010

Planning for the past

Planning for the past
Tony Caggiano

While we, admittedly, cannot plan for the past, we can take a look at how we planned in the past and today that is exactly what we are going to do.

Every year or so, the folks down at Walt Disney World offer a new vacation planning video to help visitors plan for their upcoming visits. While I may or may not require the assistance of these videos, I am always first on the list of recipients when a new video is offered. During a recent discussing on Facebook, I found that I was not alone in my love of the WDW Vacation Planning Video. Many people joined in the conversation and many of them had differing opinions on which “edition” of these videos they liked the most.

One video that had a lot of favorable comments was the planning video from 2005-2006, commemorating the Happiest Celebration on Earth, the celebration of the 50th birthday of Disney Parks Worldwide. This video has an upbeat tone and fast paced editing, and it is certainly one of my favorite editions. Not only does it do a great job in talking about new additions and offering, but it also offers suggestions on when, where, and how to plan a fantastic visit to Walt Disney World.

Whether a newbie to the world of Disney vacation planning, someone who is looking for tips to make the chore easier, a veteran vacationer looking for a bit more of that magic, or someone who is getting psyched up for an upcoming trip, these videos are a fantastic and free way to get a taste of the magic at home, both before and after a Walt Disney World vacation.

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