14 March 2010

Disney This Week - 14 March 2010

Disney This Week - 14 March 2010
Ryan P. Wilson

With everything happening in the world of Disney this week, from TRON monorail overlays, the moving of the D23 Expo, and all the rest of the news coming out of the Shareholders Meeting, you think I’d be pulling out something big from Disney news sources this week. Instead, I wanted toalert readers to a bit of Disney history and a story that makes me feel good all over. First up, over at D23, Jim Fanning has a wonderful chronicle of Disney, the man and the organization, and the ventures into Wonderland. Meanwhile, the Disney Parks Blog issued an encouraging report on The Seas’ manatees by Jackie Ogden.

George Taylor is never one to look a gift book in the mouth, and his eye for detail allows readers of Imaginerding to explore Minnie’s library and the tail tales found within.

The Carrousels of the kingdoms have always intrigued me, and made me feel like a kid again as they begin to lurch forward. King Arthur’s Carrousel in Disneyland has a storied history, and is told to us this week by DF’82 scribe Princess Fee.

As always, AJ takes the readers of the Disney Food Blog to new heights of foodie bliss. Among this weeks hunger-inducing editorials was a great look at a the truly interactive dessert, donuts! I hope this is a trend that plans to stick around!

Again, harkening back to some of my favorite childhood memories, Shawn Slater took readers of DisneyShawn on an exploration through the history of the Electrical Light Parade, which is still my favorite parade in the history of Walt Disney World.

Changes to Studios, Matt Hochberg, of Studios Central (as well as the WDW Today podcast), took a look back at the entirety of the history of Disney’s Hollywood Studios and earmarked three critical junctures in the park’s history that has made it the park that it is today.

There are times where I feel that Sam Gennawey and I must share the same pair of eyes, because he always seems to catch the exact details I would want to capture if I were in California. The models of the Spirits of America, the twelve statues that line the hall of the American Adventure, can now be seen in Disneyland as well as on SamLand’s Disney Adventures.

Staying in Disneyland, two of the more intriguing piece of the parks history, the Time Clock of the World and Aunt Jemima, are captured in still life over at Stuff From the Park. What I wouldn’t give to have had one day in Disneyland in 1956…

Last, but certainly not least, Greg Grimsley asked the readers of The Disney Obsession about what they would be doing if they lived in Central Florida right now. It seems pretty straight forward, but the question, and more precisely Doc’s response, again gets to the true heart of why there is such a fondness for Walt Disney World.


Matt said...

Thanks for the Studios Central plug guys!

AJ Wolfe said...

Donuts!! Thanks, Main St Gazette -- great round-up! (Hoping you've seen/get to see Alice!)

Ryan P. Wilson said...

No problem! I just love being able to feature friends, colleagues, and complete unknowns so that everyone gets to read the great content that is available out there!