18 March 2010

Art where you least expect it

Art where you least expect it
Tony Caggiano

Being the rather rare sort of park visitor who likes to slow down and really look around, I am always amazed at the remarkable amount of detail and art that can be found around the busy, busy parks, if guests only take the time to look for it.

The collection I have for you today is from Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Each section or land of the Animal Kingdom has its own crest of sorts. These crests are right under your nose, but I am sure that most people do not take the time to truly appreciate them.

My first photo was taken in the Oasis area, and is the logo of the Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

I love the fact that until I stopped to take this photo, even I barely noticed the subtle details of this wonderful piece of art, and the way that, even the spaces between the branches form the outlines of animals.

As we moved toward our first ride of the day, Kilimanjaro Safaris, I noticed the crest that coincided with our gracious host village of Harambe. With its proud and powerful shield and spears, it speaks of the pride of the local residents of this small African village.

As we wandered our way through the street of Harambe, we found ourselves at the Harambe Train Station. After a short ride, we were at the heart of Disney's Animal Kingdom, Rafiki's Planet Watch.

While admiring the veterinarians hard at work and exploring fun and exciting ways to make a difference in our world, I took a moment to admire some of the smaller, lesser known art offerings here. Brightly colored animal silhouettes against contrasting colors, form striking yet beautiful displays all around the area.

Later in the morning, our travels brought us to another far off land. Nestled high in the Himalayas, I found a crest bearing the likeness of the beautiful and majestic tiger, the symbol of Royal Forest of Anandapur.

As the day wore on we found ourselves en route to watch Festival of the Lion King. I was lucky enough to find the crest of Camp Minnie Mickey, emblazoned with the ubiquitous profile of the Big Cheese himself.

We wrapped up our visit to the Animal Kingdom with a stop by Dinoland U.S.A.

While queuing up for a spin on Dinosaur, I happened to catch a glimpse of the icon of The Dino Institute. Rather stately and scientific looking, their crest states their intentions plainly, with little frill. Yet it is still a work of art.

With my young sons getting restless, we decided it was time for the boys to “get their ride on” and stopped by Chester and Hester’s to hop on TriceraTop Spin and that is where we found the last of the Animal Kingdom’s noble crests…

While perhaps not as noble as some, it certainly does a great job of showing you that in a world such as Walt Disney World, you never know where you will find beauty and art. Take the time to slow down and you too may find untold wonders and hidden beauty everywhere you turn!


Netmongrel said...

Love that safari crest! Great article

Mark said...

Very cool, Ryan! One of the reasons I so appreciate your blog!


AJ Wolfe said...

Absolutely gorgeous stuff Ryan and Tony. I want these in tiles for my kitchen.