27 December 2008

Life that surrounds you

Our continuing series looking at quiet corners for adults to rest takes us deep within the depths of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The forests, jungles, and other habitats that form the boundaries and boundless lands of this park also create fantastic coves perfect for reenergizing the internal batteries.

One of the often overlooked areas of Disney’s Animal Kingdom is its hub, Discovery Island. Here guests can find gorgeous walks, the Tree of Life, complete with its creepy crawly 3D film, shops, and several dining experiences. One such restaurant, Flame Tree Barbeque, houses some top notch quick service dining, along with a myriad of details, and vibrant pavilions. The latter element is the home to today’s break.Behind Flame Tree Barbeque, down a winding path lit by lanterns, are a multitude of pavilions. Each is decorated in a particular predator/prey relationship (i.e. snake and mouse, spider and moth, owl and rabbit, etc.). At meal times these pavilions can become quite crowded because of the terrific fare provided by Flame Tree Barbeque, and because the pavilions provide ample shade, a highly sought after commodity inside of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. At off times and in the evenings, these dining pavilions offer another benefit, quiet.When diners aren’t present, the long winding paths that interlace between the pavilions allow you to remove yourself further and further from the congested walkways behind you. This walk, as you seek out a remote and unoccupied pavilion, also allows you to begin to discount from the going-going-going mindset. While the pavilions themselves offer only modest patio tables and chairs, it is the overall surroundings that make them a truly wonderful place to take a rest, plan your next move, or to chat with the rest of your party.

My Flame Tree Barbeque advice is to continue down through the trails to the very edge of small lake. This body of water, which feeds into the Discovery River, borders not only Discovery Island, but Asia and Dinoland U.S.A. as well. Most guests will not walk down several flights of stairs, passing perfectly good pavilions, in order to reach this area, but it offers one of the greatest views afforded to the determined guest. Sitting here while you recharge your theme park get-up-and-go, you can catch a breeze off of the water, take in the vista of the water, Asia, and the Forbidden Mountain (along with hearing the screams of happily terrified train passengers), and not worry about the sun beating down on you for a moment or two.No matter what pavilion you stop in at, the area behind Flame Tree Barbeque is sure to offer you just the repose you are looking for, without ever having to leave Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

NOTE: You may have noticed I have given this set of articles their own segment title: Parking Breaks. I plan on talking about the places to relax inside of Walt Disney World four theme parks for quite a while, and I wanted the readers to have a way to find them quickly, without having to scour through all of the various Perspective pieces.

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Eric Hoffman said...

Ryan, the Flame Tree Barbeque spot is a great tip. We made our way down to the water's edge on a recent trip and it was a nice little oasis. Animal Kingdom is so wild and "overgrown" and this spot feels really tucked away.

We also spotted one of the fabled Disney gators tooling around in the water.