29 December 2008

Impersonating a comic

MuppetVision 3D in Disney’s Hollywood Studios offer more gags per square foot than just about any space in any park, anywhere, period. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Toy Story Midway Mania, and Expedition Everest all have tremendous dedication to their designs and are choke full of inside jokes and extraordinary details, but MuppetVision 3D pours it on and fills in every available corner. These jokes can be seen from a distance, like the building with eyes above, in the seldom used queue line, and throughout the interior of Muppet Labs. Taking time to catch some of the greater gags can be difficult, especially when the next showing is now, but for a Muppet fan, there is no better place to be.One of my favorite tucked away jokes is in the security office, just to the right of the entrance turnstiles, tacked to the corkboard behind the hat rack. There you can find WANTED posters for both Fozzie Bear, my favorite Muppet, and Miss Piggy. After reading the posters it becomes quickly apparent that Miss Piggy clearly was allowed the create her own WANTED comment, while Fozzie Bear’s was more than likely penned by Statler and Waldorf. Although, it is safe to say Fozzie can take a joke, as both WANTED posters have been neatly autographed.


Unknown said...

I need my own poster:

Wanted--for impersonating a blogger!

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Oh now, don't be so hard on yourself George! They wouldn't put out a wanted poster for that! ;^)

Lou Mongello - WDWRadio.com said...

As many of you know, I'm on parole from my stint in the slammer for impersonating George Taylor.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

I told you, you needed the glasses, then you would have been a dead ringer!

Unknown said...


You don't spend enough time coiffing your hair to pass for Mr. Taylor

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the great gag at the box office window to the right as you enter the building. "Key is under the mat".
If you look, there is indeed a key under the mat. Love it.

Por favor mantenganse alejado de las puertas