03 December 2008

Concluded its normal operating day

Over the past few weeks there has been quite a discussion bubbling around the Disney community over the fact that Epcot will be closing earlier starting in January. Currently, according to the Walt Disney World online calendar, this will effect only Fridays starting January 9th, with the final Friday of the changed schedule being April 3rd. Coincidentally, during the same time period, Epcot will be hosting Evening Extra Magic Hours on Fridays, keeping the park open up to an additional three hours on those nights when the park closes a 8:00pm rather than 9:00pm.With all of this talk about park hours, I thought today we would take a look back at the Cast Member pocket calendar from late 1986 – early 1987. From the tri-fold calendar we can see that during the 15 Years of Magic park hours for both the Magic Kingdom and EPCOT Center regularly shifted from early (6:00pm) to late (2:00am) hours. As well, the nighttime show, Laserphonic Fantasy, was generally only shown on weekends.

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Princess Fee said...

Wow - that is totally awesome! :D Thank you for sharing, Ryan!

And how jealous I am that Epcot is closing earlier now, as opposed to when we worked there back in the day. January was always pretty quiet, sometimes too quiet in the shops.