19 December 2008

The background

The Writer’s Stop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is encased by the backside of film facades. 2x4s and plywood with lights hanging from the ceiling still offer the working lot feel that Disney-MGM Studios once had. Yet, the interior is that of any coffeehouse in any corner of the country. The Writer’s Stop is also the location of one of the last surviving acknowledgements of Disney-MGM Studios.
As you make your way through the entrance, on your way to a carrot cake cookie sugar rush no doubt, there is a small counter with a few stools for dining patrons to sit and snack. Applied on all of the facades is the stencil “Property of Disney’s Hollywood Studios .“ Most of these have clearly been applied over the remnants of the previous “Property of Disney-MGM Studios” markings. Yet, below this small counter, hidden behind the barstools is a single stencil for Disney-MGM Studios. Though it may not last long once word gets out, it’s nice to know that a few touches of the original park still remain.

Oh, and yes, there are birds taking up residence within the shop.

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