04 December 2008

Sit back and relax

Children need downtime; it’s just a matter of life. When at Walt Disney World these rests could be a nap at the resort, a dip in the pool, or one of the multitude of soft resets. But what about adults? True, in our day-to-day lives we don’t get naps, but it doesn’t mean that the stimulus overload of a day at the parks doesn’t get to us and turn us into Chernabog, Captain Hook, or Maleficent. At the Main Street Gazette, we think that a relaxed guest is a happy guest. We also understand that sometimes, even more than children, adults don’t want to leave the parks. So, for those readers out there looking to escape from it all while never having to leave, we’re going to start a series of looking at the quiet corners of Walt Disney World.A perfect place to rest, and a perfect place to start, is the courtyard found in The Magic of Disney Animation. After entering the waiting area for the tour, just off to the right before you enter the Animation Theater, is a courtyard that is often overlooked by guests on the tour, and seldom used by anyone. The steps here allow for a brief pause to check batteries, look over pictures, plan your next touring move, or jot down a few notes for a touring plan or on a postcard to a loved one.

The most striking, and often disregarded, elements of this square are the prints embedded in the center of the pad. Like the prints that cover the front of the Great Movie Ride theater, these prints carry with them a history. On three slabs are the fingerprints of some of the greatest animators the world has ever known. On the first slab are the imprints of Marc Davis, Ken Anderson, and Ken O’Connor. On the second is Ward Kimball’s artistic touch. While the third boasts the prints of the almost inseparable duo of Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas.

The next time you are looking for a place to rest your weary feet, someplace quiet and out of the way of the hustle and bustle of Disney’s Hollywood Studios, think of this little courtyard tucked away near The Magic of Disney Animation’s Animation Theater. Perhaps sitting near the echoes of greatness will inspire you. Perhaps your trip will turn a corner then and there to become the best Walt Disney World vacation ever. Or perhaps you will simply leave refreshed and ready to face the remainder of the day. No matter what, a brief break here is sure to be just what you need.


Greg said...

Ah yes, the prints. Next week this time - the Magic Kingdom!

Craig Wheeler said...

What a great little tribute this is. I found out about it a couple years back and just had to go find it on my next trip.

Do you remember when the Sorcerer's Apprentice broom topiaries were also in the animation courtyard? The ones that (when I last saw them) got moved over by the Hollywood Brown Derby.

Ryan P. Wilson said...

Every since I discovered it this corner has become a calm in the storm for me.

The brooms were still by the Hollywood Brown Derby in Spetember. It's a nice little spot for them, but they did look cool in the courtyard too!