17 December 2008

Everything that's new

Earlier this year, Lou Mongello discussed possible changes coming to the iconic Disney’s Animal Kingdom logo on the WDW Radio Show. The emblem had long been the Tree of Life with a parade of real, extinct, and mythic animals marching along in front. From time to time, smaller version of this symbol would appear without several of the animals that had no home within the park. Last week, while perusing through The Dino Institute Gift Shop, I stumbled upon this shirt.Could this be the new emblem design that was hinted at on WDW Radio Show?

Trading in the animals of an animal park may seem a bit gauche, but, as in the wild animals are so hard to find. In those instances explorers may have to settle with only meandering through the animals' habitats. With that thought in mind, I like the new skyline design. Aside from the changes, there also seems to be a bit of history tied to this emblem. Everest rising beyond the Tree of Life is very reminiscent of the designs for Disney’s Animal Kingdom during the Happiest Celebration on Earth. As well, the badge rendition of this logo unifies a recognizable pictogram with the exploration ideas that Disney’s Animal Kingdom are founded on. So, in the end, the new symbol blends a little old with a little something new just as the park has entered into its second decade.

Coincidentally, if anyone out there is looking for a last minute gift for your favorite Gazette reporter, this shirt is definitely on my list.


M.Sedlar said...

I kind of want one, too. I like the new emblem, especially with Everest towering over everything.

Do you think they're doing away with the animal logo because people keep asking about the dragon?

Ryan P. Wilson said...

I think the choice of animals is part of it, but also to incorporate more of what the park is now. They could have easily removed the dragon and add a yeti, but I think they were looking to give guest more of a sense of place rather than the creatures that live there.