24 February 2008

Smile, hug, look at the camera

The last time I posted a few pictures of my parents at Walt Disney World, the responses were wonderfully hysterical. I have once again been perusing some of my parents’ older photographs and came across one I love.

Clearly my dad has lost the q-tip hairdo that he had been so famous for, but that is not the reason I love this image. No, I love this because it is my father in front of my favorite attraction, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Not only that but if you look closer you can see that the Rivers of America has been drained, and that the guiding rail that usually sits just beneath the water is visible.

When this photograph was taken (and I am guessing it is in the early 80s for the clothing choice and knowing what I know about the lifecycle of my father’s hair) most refurbishments took place in off season, back when the parks had an off season. Refurbishments happen continuously now, coupled with the ever watchful eye of the internet, everyone is able to keep up with renovations and restorations in real time. However, when I was a child, being afford the opportunity to see such sights meant, almost certainly, that you were a Floridian.

While going through some of these older photographs, looking for family in Walt Disney World, I remembered an article written by George a while back. It seems George is afflicted with a disorder in which he is compelled to look for himself in group/crowd/innocent bystander shots other people have taken. So below are a few crowded images I have taken over the past year, let me know if you spot yourself. And when you are done, be sure to check out George’s pictures as well, you might just find yourself making memories.

Oh, and George, I already squinted through all of the shots, sadly I couldn’t find you any where.

Were you at Epcot’s 25th Rededication Ceremony?

Perhaps you were an extra acting alongside me at Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.

Perhaps you rode Space Mountain in Disneyland with my wife and I while we were on our honeymoon last October.

Or maybe you waited with us on Disneyland’s Main Street U.S.A., waiting for the rope to drop on November 1, 2007.

If you found yourself, or someone you know, let us hear about it! And if you find George in one of your photographs, he was probably mugging for the camera hoping you would post them on the internet!


Unknown said...

Well, at least someone else has done this!

mistryl said...

I do it too. :)

If that top picture of Epcot were bigger, I could probably find the back of my husband's head. I was off to the side trying to make my kids be quiet :P